Flickr Frames

FlickrFrames is a web site that makes it easy to view original (large resolution) pictures stored on Flickr. It uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr. With FlickrFrames, you can view original pictures in their own frame, while using the other frame to navigate through a set. Since the picture is displayed in its own frame, some browsers display the picture as if it were the only thing on the page. Firefox, for example, will (by default) load the picture in "screen to fit" mode. In other words, the picture will be resized (if necessary) to eliminate scroll bars. Clicking on the picture will toggle back and forth between this resized view and full resolution (with scroll bars). Firefox also centers the full resolution page at the location you click.

For example, use Firefox to select here. If you click on the skier on the bottom of the picture, the skier is then displayed in the center of the frame. Clicking on the picture again displays the picture modified to fit the available room. Since the bar separating the two frames can be moved up and down, you can determine how much space to give the picture, and how much space to give the navigation frame.

There are several options available, described in detail on the preferences page. To get started, go to the user selection page and enter the name, path or user name of a Flickr user. Probably the easiest thing to do is to go to someone's Flickr page and just copy the link (path) to a picture.